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What is eduHits?

A way for you to multiply your sites visitors. You send us visitors, and we'll send you around twice as many back. We multiply your traffic.

How do I get started with eduHits?

After you join, you will immediately be taken to where you get the HTML code for your eduHits widget. Then add a few posts of your content using our post add tool. Your posts will soon appear in our network, and your new stream of visitors will start flowing in!

The more traffic you send to us, the more we can send you back, so keep this in mind when placing the widget on your site.

Who can join?

We like well established websites with original quality content aimed at English readers primarily. We do not accept sites that are spammy, have illegal content, or are overtly pornographic. Everyone else is welcome

Increase site visitors

n just a few steps you can become part of our traffic exchange site eduHits, which allows you to boost site visitors and connect with other bloggers.

How Does eduHits Work?

free traffic exchange

Step 1: Install the eduHits Widget on Your Site

You generate a widget for your website and put it on some good spot so that your visitors could see the previews of fellow bloggers posts presented in neat small boxes with descriptions.

Step 2: Your Visitors Discover Relevant, Interesting Content

our visitors simply won't miss those cool, selected news we display and they can't help themselves by clicking on those catchy titles. And that's awesome for you - our pages are opened in a new window and people don't leave your website. They browse the page they liked and then get back reading your website. But in you get visitors back in turn.

Step 3: Your Visitors Interact with That Content

When your visitor clicked he comes to a eduHits transition page. This page is crucial and does all the eduHits magic - user sees more cool stories to check out ad then... instead just one click he made from your website all the clicks goes to your credit because the visitor was referred by your site.

Step 4: We Boost Your Content on The eduHits Network!

So the one you sent has made a few clicks on our pages? We send you all them back.

Step 5: Watch Your Traffic Grow!

Just overnight, after installing a widget you get crowd of new visitors, guaranteed. They come from similar websites, they made two clicks to reach your content, so they are very devoted visitors who really have an interest in what you post. They tend to stay with you. And this repeats everyday, every hour, every minute. You are not alone now - your content is all across the internet. Welcome to our team!

Visitors Coming To Your Website

Remember we are doing this because we all want to connect our blogs to other blogs and this is how we do it. It is a revolutionary type of advertising that is free and extremely sociable.