Does adding posts on EduHits help with my SEO (search engine optimization) efforts?

Adding posts to EduHits does not help with your SEO directly. That said, because your posts will be potentially discovered by many people on different websites, its very likely that users who will visit your site, will interact with your content either by citing it or sharing it on social networks. Both of these outcome actions will definitly help you with your SEO efforts!

How is EduHits kept free?

EduHits makes money from displaying Banner Ads on our website. Each time a user clicks on an image on one of the EduHits widgets he is passed through EduHits on his way to the destination post. During that process that visitor is exposed to one of the advertisments that is running on our site, thus he helps us make money just by being on the site!

How is it possible to recieve 2 hits for each 1 hit I send?

EduHits recieves LOTS of traffic from different outlets such as Organic Search Engine results, Social Networks, Forums etc. Basically we have enough traffic coming to our site on its own, so we are able to offer our partners this amazing traffic exchange and content discovery opportunity.